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5 of the Biggest Conservatories in the World


When it comes to conservatories, size isn’t everything. However, some people always want to go that one step further and build something truly colossal. Let’s take a peek at some of the world’s biggest conservatories.

1. The Great Conservatory

The somewhat unimaginatively named ‘Great Conservatory’ was built in the grounds of Syon Park in Brentford and was originally intended to house the exotic plant collection of the Duke of Northumberland. 

2. The Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Falls

Biggest ConservatoriesImage courtesy of The Niagara Parks Commission

On the Canadian side of the famous waterfall, you can get away from the relentless roar of the Niagara river and enjoy a peaceful stroll through the spectacular butterfly conservatory.

Biggest ConservatoriesImage courtesy of The Niagara Parks Commission

3. Thanet Earth

The enormous greenhouses at Thanet Earth could represent the future of farming. 

4. Garfield Park

They like to make things big in the United States and Garfield Park Conservatory is no exception. The glass construction covers over 18000 square feet.

5. The Eden Project

A sort of zoo for plants tucked away in Cornwall, the Eden Project boasts two spectacular biomes. Each biome is climate controlled with one housing species of tropical rainforest plants and the other with Mediterranean plants. Many species can be seen thriving that would normally die in the temperate Cornish climate.

Are you inspired by this showcase of the world’s biggest conservatories? We can add a conservatory or an orangery to your house – although it wouldn’t be quite as big as these ones! Give us a call on 01953 600505 or drop into one of our showrooms in Wymondham and Diss.