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The Eden Project The Biggest Conservatory in History

08/03/2018The Eden Project.

Standing in the site of a 160-year-old dormant clay mine is the Eden Project. The conservatory, found in Cornwall, is considered to be the world’s largest green house by Guinness Book of Records and houses over 1 million plants. The Eden Project showcases three different biomes: the open-air Outdoor Biome, the Mediterranean Biome and the Rainforest Biome which is big enough to fit the Tower of London comfortably inside of it. Although on a much larger scale to the conservatories we install, our customers can still take inspiration from the Eden Project.

Facts About the Eden Project 

Here are some interesting facts about the three bubble like buildings:

  • The Rainforest Biome is the tallest of the three-dome structure, standing at 55 metres tall. You could stack two Norwich castles on top of each other and fit them in the biome with space still left at the top.
  • Around 46,000 poles were used to form the structure of the biomes. That’s over 230 miles of poles, a greater distance from London to Amsterdam. 
  • During the first two months of construction, 43 million gallons of rainwater (enough water to fill over 65 Olympic swimming pools) drained into the site. Engineers had to overcome this problem, and they created a subterranean drainage system which is still used to collect all the rainwater entering the site.
  • Part of Die Another Day, the 2002 James Bond film featuring Pierce Brosnan, was filmed in the grounds of the Eden Project. The conservatory was used as the interior of Gustav Grave’s ice palace.  

Taking Inspiration from The Eden Project 

Although the scale comparison between your conservatory and the Eden Project might be severe, those of you with green fingers should look to take inspiration from the conservatory. Here’s how you can do this:  

  • Plants – the original purpose of conservatories and orangeries was to house a variety of plants The Eden Project is home to over 1 million plants – you might want to re-create one of the three biome themes in your own home. 
  • Relaxed seating – There are plenty of benches and other seats scattered around the Eden Project, something you should mimic in your conservatory. Plants will benefit your health.
  • Encourage wildlife – Allowing wildlife in your actual conservatory is not a good idea. However, watching birds and insects from the comfort of your conservatory is fine. Plant shrubs and flowers around your conservatory to attract a range of wildlife.

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