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The Evolution of Glasshouses

03/05/2018The Victorian era glasshouse in Kew Gardens.

The use and appearance of glasshouses has changed since the days when they were used to preserve exotic plants in the homes of rich aristocrats. Since their invention hundreds of years ago, both conservatories and orangeries have undergone drastic changes in their design, changing to suit the many different eras they were present in. In this blog, we will be looking at the evolution of glasshouses throughout history. 

Victorian Glasshouses 

Glasshouses became incredibly popular during the Victorian era. People were inspired to construct them after visiting the impressive glass and iron Crystal Palace. The trend for having conservatories installed onto domestic properties really took off in this period, with conservatories being used to house plants, rather than being used as any other conventional room. 

Victorian conservatories are multi-sided constructions that mimic (on a smaller scale) the designs by architects such as Joseph Paxton. The Victorian-style conservatories we install are distinguishable by their curved design and look great as an addition to more traditional properties.

Edwardian Glasshouses 

The Edwardians changed the design of conservatories and orangeries from the styles used by the Victorians. They chose to make the designs of their glasshouses more square and open. This allowed Edwardians to install furniture in the glasshouses so they could sit and enjoy their collection of plants. The high-pitched roofs they used in their glasshouses flooded the buildings with light and a square flat design maximised living space. 

Modern Glasshouses 

A modern conservatory.

Modern glasshouses take inspiration from their predecessors in many respects. Victorian and Edwardian conservatories are still an extremely popular option among homeowners – who now have the option to choose the larger P and L-shape conservatories as well as a contemporary lean-to style. We have a range of different classical and modern conservatories and orangeries, all coming with double glazing as standard. 

We also have a range of different design options, including different coloured frames, solar controlling tinted glass and low maintenance self-cleaning glass.

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