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Three Essential Conservatory Maintenance Tips


Every part of your house needs the occasional once-over and your conservatory is no different. Occasionally completing a few simple chores will enable you and your family to get the most out of your conservatory all year round. Take a look at our three essential maintenance tips for your conservatory.

Wipe the Windows

A woman cleaning her windows

The good news is that by choosing an installation from Conservatories Etc you have yourself a conservatory constructed with self-cleaning glass technology. The exterior of your conservatory basically cleans itself every time it rains. The interiors will need a wipe over every few months (maybe more if you have wet-nosed dogs or sticky-fingered children). Follow our tips for cleaning the interior of your conservatory windows and you will have it done in no time.

Clear the Gutters

If only there were self cleaning gutters! A build up of autumn leaves can block the natural flow of water away down the drainpipe. The damp environment encourages mosses and lichens to grow in your gutter - compounding the problem. Around this time of year, once the main fall of leaves has passed, it is a good idea to get up a ladder and make sure your gutters are clear.

Lubricate Locks and Hinges

A set of keys in a window lock

All locks and hinges benefit from the occasional squirt of WD40. This universal lubricant will stop hinges from developing annoying creaks. It will also make sure that your keys continue to turn as effectively as when the door was first installed. If you have a stiff lock and no WD40 to hand, try rubbing a pencil lead over the key. The graphite should work its way into the lock system and loosen the whole operation. 

As with any other part of the house, the window sills will benefit from the occasional dusting and the floor will need hoovering. Your conservatory is the room with the best light and the best view of the garden. It will give great pleasure for you and your family for very little effort on your part.

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