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Time for a Change: Update Your Windows


Ever since Microsoft became ubiquitous in home computing software, the phrase ‘Updating Windows’ has filled the average user with dread. How slow is my computer going to be after this update? I already have to switch it on 15 minutes before I want to use it… At Conservatories Etc, we want to put some joy back into the phrase by suggesting an update for the windows of your home. There are three good reasons to replace those old timber frames.

Energy Efficiency 

A modern uPVC window frame and A+ rated windows will slow down the rate at which heat escapes from your house. Better for the planet and better for your energy bills! 

Update Your Windows


Modern windows are less accessible by force. Multi-point locks make them harder to jimmy open. Most burglaries are opportunistic, so the first rule of home security is don’t provide the opportunity. The eight-point locking systems on our Synseal windows are virtually burglarproof. 

Style and Finish 

We can make sure that the style and finish of your windows matches the style of your property. Elegant white uPVC for a modern home, no problem! Fancy a bit more colour? Choose from 15 standard colours that we have in stock to match most building designs. Haven’t got what you are looking for? Still no problem, we will mix you the bespoke colour you desire. Our window frames are also available in Aluminium.


The Building Research Establishment has calculated that properly installed uPVC windows should last more than 35 years. So unlike your Microsoft Windows, you won’t have to worry about the next update for a very long time.

You can find out more about our range of windows here. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our team by calling 01953 600505, emailing or dropping into our showrooms in either Wymondham or Diss.