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Tips for Cleaning your Conservatory - Inside


Thanks to our modern self-cleaning glass technology, the exterior of your conservatory pretty much cleans itself every time it rains. Every so often, the interior of your conservatory will need some attention. Here are our top tips for cleaning the inside of your conservatory.

Bubbles on a window being scraped off with a window cleaner


The interior roof of your conservatory will probably be out of reach. This makes it the hardest part of your conservatory to clean. There are two approaches to getting up there. You can use a step ladder or you can use an extension pole. If you choose a ladder, please take sensible precautions. It is likely that there will be some soapy water drippage during this process. So protect your fittings and furniture with an old sheet. 

Cleaning the Glass

The best method of cleaning glass is to sponge it clean with strongly diluted (a teaspoon of detergent in a couple of gallons of water is sufficient) soapy water, then use a rubber bladed squeegee to remove the soapy water and grime from the window.  

Damp Dusting

The sills and frames can be cleaned with a damp cloth. This will gather up any dust that has settled on your window sills. Make sure you rinse the cloth regularly during this process or you will just be transferring dirt from one place to another. 

Vacuum Cleaning

Finish up with a good hoovering. Vacuum cleaning is just as effective on wooden and vinyl flooring as it is on carpet and is the best way to ensure that you are collecting up all the dust not just chasing it around the room with a broom.

A modern conservatory

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