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Turn Your Conservatory into a Tropical Haven This Winter


Some plants thrive outside in the British summer but find our winters too harsh. If you want to enjoy their blooms throughout the year, you must bring them inside. A conservatory can be the perfect place to overwinter such delicate plants. As a bonus, all that extra foliage can make your conservatory a tropical haven in the middle of winter.

Which plants should I move?

Popular plants that are susceptible to frost damage are often exotic imports. Banana trees, large ferns and young palms will all benefit from being brought inside before the first cold snap. Tender perennials such as begonias, fuchsias and some species of orchid can be wintered in a conservatory - but, for these particularly delicate flowers, the room must be heated to ensure the temperature does not drop below 15°C. An unheated conservatory may drop as low as 5-7°C at night; too cold for perrenials, but plenty warm enough for succulents such as agave and aloe vera that love sunny dry conditions and hate frost.

How do I move my plants?

Containers can be picked up and moved without disturbing the plant at all. However if the plant is in free draining soil, it will have to be carefully dug out and repotted. Pay special attention to the rootball which should remain as intact as is manageable. Trim off any diseased leaves and repot in fresh compost.

When should I move my plants?

Before the first frost. It is unusual but not unheard of to see a frost before the end of September in the south of England. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared to move quickly!

Turn Your Conservatory into a Tropical Haven This Winter

Which plants will flower in midwinter?

Azalea, poinsettia and jasmine all flower in winter. Azaleas like moist soil and will die if their soil dries out. Poinsettia leaves turn red in the build up to Christmas (or whenever they are exposed to more than twelve hours of darkness). Jasmine is a scented climber that is well suited to conservatory conditions and the flowers can be used to flavour a soothing green tea.

If you feel inspired to create your own floral winter wonderland, then an orangery or conservatory may be just what you need. Why not drop into one of our showrooms in Wymondham or Diss for a chat. Alternatively, you can always telephone us on 01953 600505.