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Turn your conservatory into an observatory


A conservatory is a great place to see the night sky and spot your favourite constellations. If you own a telescope and enjoy star gazing on a regular basis, then we have some useful tips to ensure your conservatory is perfect for your hobby.

Convenience: Some people drive to the middle of nowhere to find a good location to view the night sky, but this isn't necessary. The perfect place is your conservatory, providing you with flexibility due to being able to view the stars under a glass roof, meaning you get a wider view.

Comfort: Convenience isn't the only reason why a conservatory is a better option, there's comfort too. Why go outside in the cold when you can stay warm in your conservatory with a nice glass of wine and your telescope! Make sure your glass roof is clean; you can always have self-cleaning glass when installing your conservatory.

Atmosphere: Turn off your lights and enjoy the feeling of being in your very own observatory. See the stars through the glass ceiling and have the widest field of vision in your home. If you use a telescope, make sure it's an appropriate size; you don't want to hurt yourself in the process. However, binoculars may be all that is needed.

A conservatory is a great investment as it's such a versatile room. If you're a lover of star gazing then try our tips out tonight!

Inside of a conservatory