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Winter Party Palaces - Hosting Parties in Your Conservatory This Winter

16/11/2017A conservatory fit for a party.

As the cold weather sets in and winter returns for another 3 or so months, the options for the party animals amongst us start to shrink. Limited by the weather, they cannot always utilise their garden habitat to bust a few moves or enjoy a few drinks. In this blog, we will be talking about how you can continue the party season by hosting functions in your orangery or conservatory this winter.

Preparing Your Conservatory for a Party

If you’re the host for the next party, then you may need to get your house and conservatory in working order. Here are some tips to help you get your conservatory party ready:

  • Brighten the windows and doors – If you are having a large group of friends in the conservatory then it is important that you clean all the windows and doors before they arrive. Stains and smears can easily be removed with a diluted detergent.
  • Polish surfaces and hoover – Polish tables and window ledges so those looking to put their drinks down don’t put it in a pile of dust. Hoover floors and sofas to make the conservatory clean and shiny for guests.
  • Check your seating arrangements – Make sure you have the right number of seats and sofas for your guests to use, there’s nothing worse than having to make someone stand. Also clean the covers of all soft seating furnishings before the guests come over.
  • Heating and music – Modern conservatories will cause you no grief when it comes to heating. It wouldn’t be a party without music, so ensure you have the suitable playlist.

Why are conservatories good for parties?

Conservatories are a good option for hosting a party for many reasons. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider hosting a party in yours:

  • The views – If it’s likely to be a long night, then make the most of the views you will have of the night sky. When it gets dark you can view the moon and stars in all their glory.
  • The warmth – If you host a party in the conservatory there will be no need to cover up in several layers or huddle around each other outdoors. You will be able to kick back and enjoy the night with not a single thought about being cold.
  • Atmosphere magnet – The confinement of most conservatories means the atmosphere of the party will reverberate around the room. On top of this, if you are playing music your conservatory will quieten down the noise of it from the outside, meaning your neighbours won’t hear every word of the songs.

With Christmas, Burns Night and New Year’s Eve all approaching within the coming weeks, utilising your conservatory will become more important than ever. If you haven’t got a conservatory or orangery, you might like to look at our range of products, so you can host the parties next year.

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