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Replacement Conservatory Roof Styles

  • Lean-To

    Lean-To Conservatory

    A great way of expanding your downstairs floorplan, a simple lean-to conservatory is often used as a kitchen or living room extension. When you’re using a space this much, it’s important to make sure you can use it all year round – and our conservatory roof replacements can help.

  • Edwardian & Georgian

    Edwardian & Georgian

    Classically proportioned Edwardian and Georgian conservatories make a versatile extension to any home, so enjoy your extra living space every day. Let the light in with temperature-regulating solar control glass or choose a tiled Guardian Warm Roof for outstanding soundproofing and insulation.

  • Gable


    With a high-pitched roof and gable ended windows, gable conservatories are always flooded with natural light – but all that sunshine can get too hot in the summer. Prevent the build-up of heat with a fully insulated Guardian Warm Roof, or choose solar control glass and enjoy the daylight.

  • P and L-Shaped

    P and L-Shaped

    The large, open design of P and L-shaped conservatories makes them incredibly adaptable. Create a multi-purpose room you can use all year round with a Guardian Warm Roof – or transform your conservatory into a sun lounge with effective solar control glass.

  • Bespoke


    If your conservatory has a unique design, we can provide a bespoke roof replacement that’s a perfect fit. Our Guardian Warm Roofs provide excellent insulation and soundproofing, and can be tailor made to your conservatory – or we can fit a replacement roof with high performance glass.

Design Options

Our conservatory roof replacements aren’t just a practical solution to many of the problems you might experience with an older conservatory; they’re also a style statement. As an independent conservatory company, we can supply only the products we like best, from the manufacturers we trust most. That’s why we’ve chosen conservatory roofs that offer beautiful aesthetics alongside high performance, giving our customers a huge amount of choice.

Guardian Warm Roof

We can create conservatories in 5 stunning colours.

Glass Roof

All of our windows are double-glazed for maximum energy efficiency.

Build Process

Our team of craftsmen are highly experienced in fitting durable and beautiful replacement conservatory roofs. When it comes to glazed roofs, the method of installation is just the same as when we build a new conservatory. This is the process we use to fit Guardian Warm Roofs:

Step 1

Laying the Framework

First, we construct the framework that will support the new roof. This consists of:

  • Ringbeam
  • Rafters
Step 2

Building the Exterior

We create the exterior of the roof by layering:

  • Plywood
  • Membrane
  • Tiling
Step 3

Exterior Finishes

To finish the exterior of the roof, we fit:

  • Skylight
  • Ridge and endcaps
  • Gutters
Step 4

Interior Finishes

Our team of builders, plasterers and fully certified electricians finish the roof with:

  • Insulation between and over rafters
  • Insulated plasterboard
  • Plastered ceiling
  • LED spot lights

Guardian Warm Roof Installation

Replace your existing conservatory roof with a stylish and practical warm roof. These high performance solutions will transform your conservatory into a room that can be used all year round.

Final Results

We work incredibly hard to complete every roof replacement to the same high standard. Use the sliders below to see examples of the transformations we have been able to achieve for our customers.

Roof Image First Before
Roof Image First After
Roof Image Second Before
Roof Image Second After



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Guardian Warm Roof

Approved to all thermal and structural building standards, the market-leading Guardian Warm Roof can dramatically change your conservatory into an ambient space you can enjoy all year round. Soundproofed and fully insulated, it keeps hot air out in the summer and prevents heat from escaping in the winter, while significantly reducing sun glare and rain noise. Designed to weigh a similar amount to a glass roof of the same size, a Guardian Warm Roof can be safely fitted to most conservatories without the need to reinforce structural elements, and is available in a range of shapes and colours to suit every conservatory.

Guardian Shingle

Guardian Shingle

Guardian Roof Slate

Guardian Roof Slate

Glass Roof

Our high-performance glass conservatory roofs will flood your space with natural sunlight, improve the views, and give your conservatory that all-important wow factor. Glass is much more energy efficient and attractive than traditional polycarbonate, and we can even supply cutting-edge solar control and low maintenance solutions.

Solar Control Glass Options

Solar control glass helps to prevent the build-up of heat during hot summer months. This glass is available in a range of tints including:

Clear Glass


Blue Glass


Aqua Glass


Bronze Glass


Low Maintenance Glass

Low maintenance glass uses rain and natural light to efficiently combat any dirt and grime that accumulates on the outside of the window:

Normal Glass

Normal Glass

Low Maintenance Glass

Low Maintenance Glass